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If it's Feb. 13 and you're still looking for the perfect present for your sweetie, look no further. Get a Valentine's Day gift basket. Whether for a son or daughter, husband or wife, mother or aunt, there's a variety of delightful gift baskets available online. Many include Valentine standards like candy, flowers, or teddy bears. Others urge buyers to celebrate the holiday with a twist: how about frosted or chocolate chip cookies? wine and cheese? chocolate-covered strawberries? 

For the quirkiest loves, a gift basket filled with jelly beans, fresh fruit , or bubble bath and candles is sure to tickle your dearest one pink. And if the gift basket  is for the man in your life, don't despair: touch him with the sophistication of a basket filled with caviar, champagne, and truffles.

Gift baskets are easy and quick: the basket serves as the wrapping, and bows, cellophane, and other decorative flare, like flowers and tissue paper, are all part of this convenient gift. If you're more of a traditional gentleman, you can also go with the classic red rose gift basket, which can include candy, candles, or spa products for an added touch of romance that will last until next Feb. 14.

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