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Father's day gift Basket Guide

Father's day gift Basket Guide

It's that time of the year again, Father’s Day is around the corner, so you need to start looking for the perfect gift. Of course , you could get him another tie , but that he may never wear. ? Unfortunately most men simply buy things when they need them, so they rarely give an idea waht they want. If you are having a hard time coming up with good ideas, browse our gifts for him. You’re sure to find something for that hard to buy for dad, husband or grandfather, brother, uncle, friend.

The following are some father's day gift basket themes.

The Sports Fan:
Whether he’s a baseball fan, loves to golf or gets hyped up for the next big football game, most men love sports gifts. Buy him tickets to a game, a new putter set or sports memorabilia, like a NASCAR mug or hall of fame baseball bat. Try a golf-themed gift basket, a bowling desk set or a sports watch. Grandpa might enjoy a book about his favorite baseball player or a sports video.

Sports gifts are very popular for men, but buying actual sporting equipment is tricky. High quality equipment is usually very pricey, and without asking, you may not know which brands he prefers. A good option is to give him a gift certificate for a sporting goods store, so he can pick out exactly what he wants.

The Outdoorsman:
Spend time with him Father’s Day weekend by taking him camping, hiking or fishing. Surprise him with a picnic basket, personalized Swiss army knife or a hiking backpack. If he can’t get away for the weekend, consider barbeque tools and a grilling marinade set. A lot of men love to grill, and you can have a nice family cook out. He might also enjoy a wildlife throw or hunting or fishing picture frame to decorate the den or hunting lodge. Men need a space to themselves.

The Electronics Enthusiast:
Left to his own devices Dad might aimlessly wander the aisles of Best Buy all day. If you can’t afford that Plasma big screen TV he wants, why not get him a trendy new tech toy? Portable music players are great for everyone. MP3 or MP4 players are tiny enough to fit in your pocket, yet advanced enough to hold thousands of songs, videos and more. He can listen to music at the gym, at work or anywhere.

Digital picture frames are another great option, and they have come down in price since they were first introduced. Insert a memory card with his favorite photos to create a custom slide show that Dad will enjoy time and again. Some frames even allow you to add music, making the gift even more personal. Although technology is sometimes feared by the older generations, digital frames are also a great gift for Grandpa. He’ll enjoy the display of treasured family moments.

Another great gift for Dad is a GPS system. Family trips will no longer turn into yelling matches about taking wrong turns and stopping for directions with this helpful device. This is a gift that the whole family will appreciate. Dad will be happy when it saves him time and gas money.

The Business Man:
This professional Dad might like an old fashioned shaving set, a manicure or shoe polishing kit, or a travel bag for business trips. If he spends most of his day at work, he may enjoy a picture frame with a family photo to decorate his desk. A personalized pocket watch will keep him on time. After a hard work week, he might also appreciate a relaxation gift basket, massage or weekend getaway with the family.

The best gift you can give your husband, Dad or Grandpa this Father’s Day is your time. It’s the gift he’ll remember most, and best of all it’s free.

Happy Father’s Day!

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