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Improving Baby's IQ
There are many different factors that influence the intelligence of your baby. Of course there are genetics which are predetermined, however, simple things like giving him/her interesting things to look at, having your baby choose what to eat, interacting with family and friends, and teaching simple sign language can also have an impact.

The tiny little mind of a baby keeps developing at lightning speed when it leaves the womb. Visual stimulation is very important to help aid in this process at such a young age. Bright vivid patterns are the best option, especially those with reds, whites, and blacks since these color are said to be recognized first by babies. The colors stimulate the brain and encourage discrimination between colors.

When your baby gets old enough to point and motion to things it is important to use that to your advantage. Babies' knowledge is based a lot upon environment so it's important that when your baby points at something to repeat the name of this item or object a few times. Along with repeating the name, maintaining eye contact is critical also as this will make a greater impact of what you are saying.

There are everyday things that you can incorporate pointing into to make it a learning or stimulating experience for your baby. One idea is when it's time to eat, have your baby point to which food he/she would like to eat. This involves your baby in the process and also will help you to determine which foods he/she favors. Feeding time will therefore be a more pleasureable time for you AND the baby!

Communication, other than crying, is one of the things a baby lacks. It has been said that teaching sign language to your baby can increase intelligence and also speed up the process of speaking verbally. Signing the everyday simple things to your child will help him/her catch on to identifying objects. You can incorporate sign with just about anything including colors, food, and ABC's.

When teaching a sign to your baby, always make sure to pair it with a verbal word and again maintain eye contact. Also repetition will speed up the rate at which your baby learns the sign. When a baby first learns or uses a sign and uses it with you correctly it is extremely important to reinforce this behavior through hugs, kisses, a favorite food, or anything that you know is pleasurable for him/her. This will motivate your baby to perform the action again.

It is also important for your baby to be comfortable in social environments. The more social interaction the baby has at a young age may affect how the baby feels about being apart from you as the parent. Letting other family members or friends hold your baby will help to discourage or dull down the separation anxiety that sometimes occurs with babies.

Playing or being around other babies or small children will also encourage a more outgoing and confident baby. Providing more social interaction with your baby will give him/her a head start for a more healthy self esteem. It will also help when you decide you are ready for a night out and leave your baby with a sitter.

Even though babies are small and lack everyday communication like you or I they are still little brains at work. Every teaching opportunity is important to take advantage of in order to give your baby a healthy head start in the world. The more stimulating the environment is, the better! The most important thing though is to have fun and enjoy the time you spend with your bundle of joy. Time goes by fast!

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