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Baby Stroller Basics


If you’re new to the world of baby care, then you most likely do not know a whole lot about baby strollers. Before you go out and purchase one, you will find it helpful to first learn about stroller basics.

The first type of stroller discussed is your basic lightweight "umbrella" stroller. These are typically the smallest and least expensive type of strollers. Not only are umbrella strollers great because of their light weight, but they also fold up easily and become quite compact for easy storage.

Next is the most common type of stroller. Standard strollers are usually more expensive than umbrella strollers, yet they typically posses higher quality wheels and frames, thus are more durable. For your "everyday activities", standard strollers work great and have storage pockets for necessities like baby blankets and bottles for travel.

Imagine you have a stretched limo for a stroller. What you basically have is what is called a double stroller. Double strollers come in two configurations, side by side, or front to back (tandem). The front-to-back configuration is nice because it makes for a more compact design for better maneuverability, and is easier to get through doorways. Although, the side-by-side design has its advantages too, as their will be no disputes about who gets to sit in the front seat.

Are you more of the athletic type that loves the great outdoors? If so, then jogging strollers are the best type of stroller for you. Fitted with extra large and durable wheels, jogging strollers are designed to allow your baby to keep up with you and your fast-paced lifestyle. Higher-end models are equipped with bicycle-style caliper brakes for making safe stops.

Now you are aware of all your various stroller options. Don’t feel left out if you have more than two small children to cart around. Triple, and even quadruple strollers are available on the market.

Written by Seth Tachick for Baby Best Buy (

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